Venture Connect

Connecting you with ground-breaking startups and scaleups in emerging tech to drive your business growth.

All the best parts of corporate venturing, without the overhead

Given the speed and disruption created by emerging technology, most corporates would love to work with startups and scaleups - if only they were easier to find and work with.

What if there was a team to help provide you with the relevant connections worth your attention, and to guide you through the process?

Stone & Chalk’s Venture Connect is a service that finds the right partnerships and potential investment opportunities to accelerate business growth.

How does it work?

The Venture Connect process is designed to be simple and effective. 

  1. We understand your strategy and what it means for the partners you’re looking for.
  2. We write up a Venture Brief which reflects your strategy and what that means for the kind of startups and scaleups with whom you need to partner.
  3. Once we’ve curated the right startups and scaleups, aligned with your business strategy, we present their propositions and why we believe they meet your Venture Brief.
  4. We connect you directly with your chosen businesses.
  5. We help you both to get to know each other and prepare for partnership. 

What you receive

Curated deal flow from our database of 250 resident businesses and 4,000 alumni founders.

The opportunity to form commercial partnerships that accelerate your business growth.

Expert guidance throughout the entire process to ensure positive, mutually beneficial relationships.

Which corporates are already involved?

We’re adding corporates to the program all the time, but at the moment, we’ve signed up:

  • One of the largest insurance companies in Australia;
  • One of the biggest international accounting and professional firms;
  • An international defence and aerospace company;
  • A prominent standards organisation; and
  • Some of Australia's leading banks.


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    How can Venture Connect help my company find suitable startups/scaleups to partner with or invest in?

    Venture Connect uses a sophisticated matching process to analyse your company's strategy, needs, and goals to find startups that align with your specific interests. Through personalised introductions and a deep understanding of the emerging tech ecosystem, we connect you with innovative startups that can drive value for your organisation. 

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    What is the cost for a corporate to subscribe to Venture Connect?

    Venture Connect offers a monthly subscription fee tailored to be significantly more affordable than the alternatives. The exact cost can be discussed based on your requirements and the level of support needed.  

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    How are the startups/scaleups on the platform vetted to ensure quality and relevance?

    We conduct a thorough screening process for all startups/scaleups on our platform. This includes assessing their business models, financial stability, technological innovation, and alignment with your industry and strategic goals. We aim to provide only the most relevant and promising connections. 

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    Can I specify our preferences and requirements for startup partnerships?

    Yes, specification is a key part of the Venture Connect process (including preferences and criteria for partnerships or investments). We use this information to match you with startups/scaleups that fit your exact needs, ensuring meaningful and strategic connections.

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    What support does the Venture Connect team provide during the due diligence process and negotiations?

    The Venture Connect team offers comprehensive support throughout the due diligence, negotiation and contract phases. Our experienced team assists with legal considerations, financial assessments, and agreement structuring to facilitate a smooth and successful collaboration or investment.

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    How long will it take to get matched with suitable startups?

    The matching process timeline varies based on your specific requirements and the available startups/scaleups that align with your needs. We actively work to find the best fit and typically introduce suitable startups within a few weeks of understanding your objectives and then on an ongoing basis.

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    How is confidentiality handled when engaging with Venture Connect?

    Stone & Chalk Group takes confidentiality very seriously through all of its programs. All information shared is handled with the utmost discretion, following strict privacy policies. We ensure that your data and intentions are shared only with relevant parties, and only with your consent. 

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    Can I join Venture Connect if my company is based outside of Australia?

    Yes, Venture Connect is available for both domestic and offshore corporates. Our focus on fostering global connections allows us to facilitate collaborations between corporates and startups across different regions. 

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    How can I monitor and evaluate the success of my partnerships with startups/scaleups?

    Our team will work with you to establish strategically aligned key performance indicators and provide insights to ensure that collaborations are achieving the desired outcomes. 

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    What differentiates Venture Connect from traditional Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) teams?

    Venture Connect offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional CVCs by providing a service that connects you with relevant startups for a fraction of the cost. Our personalised service, tailored matching process, and comprehensive support provide a streamlined way for companies of all sizes to access innovation and disruptive technologies without the need for an in-house CVC team. 

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    Can I cancel or change our subscription level at any time?

    Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription with Venture Connect at any time. We offer various subscription levels to fit your needs and are flexible in accommodating changes as your requirements evolve.

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    How does Venture Connect ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with other corporates on the platform?

    Venture Connect maintains transparency and ethical practices to avoid conflicts of interest. We handle connections with integrity, making sure that startups are matched uniquely with corporates, and that all engagements are conducted fairly and responsibly.

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    How can I provide feedback or express concerns about our experience with Venture Connect?

    We value your feedback and encourage open communication. You can provide feedback or express concerns through your designated support contact within the Venture Connect team, or use the contact form on our website. Your input helps us continually improve our services. 

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    Can Venture Connect assist me in integrating a startup/scaleup's technology or product into our existing structure?

    Yes, Venture Connect can assist with integration planning and support, helping you to seamlessly adopt a startup's technology or product into your existing business structure. We work closely with both parties to ensure a smooth transition. 

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    Does Stone & Chalk offer trial periods for corporates to explore Venture Connect's services before committing?

    We understand the importance of evaluating our services to ensure they meet your needs. Please contact our team to discuss potential trial options or customised packages that can provide an opportunity for you to explore Venture Connect's offerings. 

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    What is the typical profile of startups/scaleups available on the platform? Are early-stage businesses also included?

    Venture Connect hosts a diverse range of companies, from early-stage startups to more established scaleups, across various industries and sectors. We can match you with startups that align with your interest in terms of development stage, innovation, market readiness, and other specific criteria. 

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    How do I ensure that our strategic goals remain aligned with the startup/scaleup throughout the partnership?

    Venture Connect facilitates continuous alignment by encouraging clear communication and regular check-ins between both parties. Our support team is available to assist in maintaining a strong strategic connection throughout the partnership. 

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    Can I recommend or refer startups/scaleups to join Venture Connect?

    Yes, we welcome recommendations or referrals of startups or scaleups that you believe would benefit from joining Venture Connect. Our team will evaluate and engage with referred startups to explore potential collaboration opportunities within our network. 

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    How does Venture Connect contribute to fostering innovation within the industry?

    Venture Connect fosters innovation by connecting you with startups and scaleups that are pushing technological and industry boundaries. By facilitating partnerships and investments with these companies, we help you access new ideas, disruptive technologies, and agile methodologies, enhancing your company's innovation potential and broadening the horizon of your industry. 

Drive your business growth by connecting with the right partners.

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