Venture Connect for Founders

Seamlessly connecting you with the right corporates and commercial opportunities to scale your business faster.

Leverage the power of corporate partnerships quickly and effectively

We know that as a founder, securing relationships with the right corporate can be critical to your success. 

However, the high cost of acquisition, long sales cycles, low rates of success, and lack of feedback can make it a frustrating process that requires a lot of time, effort and resources for little (or no) return.

Venture Connect is a corporate introduction service which connects you with relevant corporates who are looking for partners to accelerate their strategy and/or deliver value to their customers.

Our team will do the heavy lifting, offering assistance throughout the entire process so you can concentrate on growing your business.

The best part? Applying to participate in the Venture Connect matching process is free.

Our corporates

We’re adding corporate clients all the time, but at the moment, we’ve signed up:

  • one of the largest insurance companies in Australia;
  • one of the biggest international accounting and professional firms;
  • an international defence and aerospace company;
  • a prominent standards organisation; and
  • some of Australia's leading banks.

What you receive

Curated commercial opportunities.

Strategically aligned introductions to relevant and engaged corporates, leveraging Stone & Chalk’s brand and relationships.

Assistance throughout the entire process, from fine-tuning the relevance of your pitch deck and introducing you to the right executive, to preparing you and your business for their procurement process.

Useful feedback on your proposition in the event of a rejection.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out this form to apply to the program.
  2. Based on the available data on your business (ie.your website and LinkedIn page), we’ll assess potential matches with the needs of our corporate clients.
  3. Once we’ve identified at least one match, we’ll contact you to brief you on the client(s) and the opportunity so we can prepare you for introduction.


Applying to participate in the Venture Connect matching process is free, and the rest of the introduction process remains free for Stone & Chalk residents (find out how to become a resident here)

For everyone else, the Venture Connect is a minimum commitment of 3 months ($650+GST per month), although we won’t charge you until we've successfully connected you with at least one corporate partner that perfectly aligns with your needs. We’ll then keep on matching and introducing you and your business as we onboard new corporate clients.

AUCyberscape members can access a special introductory price of $550+GST per month, available until 31 August 2023.

Resident Testimonials

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    Realta Logic

    "The experience with Venture Connect has been nothing short of refreshing. The individuals we interacted with were open and committed to doing business. Their process, if successful, will pave the way for us to showcase Australia's talent on an international stage, reinforcing that compliance and regulation can indeed be a source of innovation and for us to become the defacto standard for Compliance as digital twins globally. Venture Connect is a catalyst for turning our global vision into reality."

    - Siobhaine Slevin, Co-Founder of Realta Logic


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    How does Venture Connect help founders to reach relevant corporates?

    Venture Connect provides a service that takes your company’s unique profile and aligns it with the corporates who are looking for your specific expertise or technology. You'll receive a personal invitation to meet with the right executive, maximising your chances of establishing a fruitful connection.

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    What is the subscription fee to join Venture Connect?

    A fee of $650+GST (free for Stone & Chalk residents) is charged on a monthly basis. 

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    When will I start paying my subscription?

    You will only start paying the subscription once we believe we’ve found one or more corporate matches. At that point, we will send you an email notifying you of the match(es) and asking you to fill out the onboarding form, which will include billing details. For the first month, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis from the date your subscription starts until the first day of the next month. After that time, you will be charged on the first day of each month. 

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    How long is the subscription commitment?

    The first time you subscribe, we ask for a three-month commitment. After the first three months, you’re free to cancel at any time. 

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    What happens to my subscription if I become a resident?

    Stone & Chalk residents receive Venture Connect as a part of their package. On the day you become a resident and start paying your residency fee, we will stop your paid Venture Connect subscription. 

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    What happens if I leave Stone & Chalk?

    If you decide to cease being a Stone & Chalk resident, you will have the choice to stay as a Venture Connect member (we’ll then start billing you for the Venture Connect subscription on the day your residency stops).

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    Will our data and information be kept confidential?

    Yes, Venture Connect adheres to strict privacy and confidentiality policies. Your information will only be shared with the relevant corporates who match your profile, and only with your consent.

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    How long does it typically take to get matched with a corporate?

    The matching process varies depending on the compatibility between your company and corporate strategies. Our team actively works to find the best match, and you could be introduced to suitable corporates as quickly as within a few hours of joining. However, it is worth saying you won’t be charged anything until we’ve found at least one match for you. 

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    What kind of support does Venture Connect provide during negotiations or contracts?

    Venture Connect can assist both parties throughout the negotiation and contract phases. This includes support in due diligence, legal considerations and agreement structuring to ensure a fair and successful partnership or investment.

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    Can I cancel our subscription at any time?

    Yes, after an initial three month commitment, your subscription with Venture Connect can be cancelled at any time. We strive to provide the best service, and you're free to opt-out if you find it's not the right fit for you.

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    How does Stone & Chalk ensure the quality and relevance of corporates on the platform?

    Venture Connect carefully vets all corporates on the platform to ensure they align with Stone & Chalk’s values and standards. We analyse their strategies, needs and intentions to make sure they are genuinely interested in collaborating with, or investing, in your company.

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    What if a suitable match isn’t found? Are there any guarantees?

    While we strive to provide the best matches possible, we cannot guarantee a successful connection. However, our team works to align you with potential partners and will provide ongoing support and opportunities for connections.

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    How does Venture Connect differentiate itself from other networking platforms?

    Venture Connect is focused on building real, strategic connections between startups/scaleups and corporates. Unlike general networking platforms, we provide tailored matches, personal introductions and comprehensive support throughout the partnership or investment process. 

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    Can I contact the Venture Connect team for personalised support and guidance?

    Yes. Our team is always available for personalised support and guidance. Feel free to reach out to us at any time through our contact channels (by submitting the application form or emailing and we'll be happy to assist you.

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    How do I sign up for Venture Connect, and what information is required?

    Signing up is simple. You'll need to use this form to provide basic information about your company so we can perform a basic match. Once we’ve found a match, we’ll ask you to confirm details about your industry, technology, goals, and funding stage. This information helps us make better matches for you with suitable corporates. You’ll be able to contact our team directly to guide you through the process if needed. 

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    Are there specific industries or sectors that Venture Connect specialises in?

    Venture Connect serves various industries and sectors, including, but not limited to technology, healthcare, finance, and energy. Our broad network allows us to make connections between startups/scaleups and corporates across different fields.

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    What if I need to update my profile?

    We’ll be introducing a Venture Connect portal soon through which you’ll be able to update your profile. Until then, you can contact our support team at any time (, and they’ll change your details for you.

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    Can I meet the corporates in person, or is it all done online?

    Venture Connect facilitates both online (ie. email and Zoom) and in-person meetings, depending on the preferences and locations of both parties. We aim to make the connection process as convenient as possible.

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    How do I know that corporates are genuinely interested in working with me?

    Corporates on the Venture Connect platform are carefully screened and vetted to ensure they have a genuine interest in collaborating with or investing in startups/scaleups. We work closely with them to understand their strategies and needs.

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    What happens if a deal with a corporate falls through?

    If a deal falls through, our team at Venture Connect will continue to support you and seek other opportunities. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships and connections, so we'll work diligently to find another match that suits your company.

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    Is Venture Connect only for Australian corporates, or can I connect with international corporates as well?

    While Venture Connect is focused on the Australian market, we also facilitate connections with international corporates interested in Australian startups/scaleups. We recognise the global nature of business and strive to create opportunities both locally and abroad.

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    How does Venture Connect handle conflicts of interest between different startups/scaleups or corporates?

    We maintain a transparent and ethical approach to manage potential conflicts of interest. Our team ensures that information is handled confidentially and that connections are made with integrity, avoiding conflicts between competing parties.

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    Can I see testimonials or success stories from other startups/scaleups that have used Venture Connect?

    Yes, we are proud to share testimonials and success stories from companies that have benefited from our platform. These can be provided upon request (by emailing to give you an insight into how Venture Connect has facilitated successful partnerships and investments.

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