Moneytree is on the move from Asia to Australia!

First things first:

Success in Asia

The three founders of Moneytree, Paul Chapman, Mark Makdad, and Ross Sharrott, saw a unique opportunity to speak the language of fintech in Asia. They saw that personal finance in Japan was highly fragmented. People had multiple bank accounts from multiple banks and there was no way to view personal finances in one, integrated location. Their solution to this problem is with the Moneytree app that allows users to see a snapshot of all their personal finances in one place.

After its launch in 2012, Moneytree was voted “Best of 2013” for iPhone and “Best of 2014” for iPad.

How does Moneytree work?

You start by registering your banks accounts, credit cards, electronic money, miles, points, and securities on the secure app. And that’s about it. Moneytree updates all of your information automatically, categorizing your transactions by time, period, and value. Moneytree is a simple app that gives you a clear picture of when, where, and how your money is spent.

What makes Moneytree different?

Moneytree’s focus is not transactional. The app is designed to give users a highly secure, read-only perspective on their spending, unlike many budgeting platforms. Moneytree allows users to be better informed about their finances and, in the process, gain peace of mind.

Branching out with Moneytree LINK

The Moneytree team saw that they could do even more to bring banks and customers together. Moneytree thought: what if signing up for a new credit card or applying for a loan could be as easy as signing into a Facebook account?

Well, now it can be with Moneytree LINK. Similar to allowing applications to use your Google or Facebook account to sign you in, you can give the bank explicit permission to sign in with Moneytree. Because the Moneytree app stores all your financial data, now banks can see your financial history in one convenient place. Say goodbye to filling out loads of paperwork just to create a new credit card account or to apply for a loan.

Growing roots in Australia

After huge successes in Japan and with backing from large Japanese banks, Moneytree is 100% committed to the Australian market. Moneytree sees Australia as having similar problems with fragmentation, making it a great place to take Moneytree next. In fact, because co-founder Paul Chapman is Australian himself, he sees the move to Australia as coming home.

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Welcome to the family, Moneytree!