Part of the Stone and Chalk community for over one year now, Bruce Wren and Caroline Trotman share their journey to start WordFlow.

Above: co-founders Caroline Trotman (left) and Bruce Wren (right) having their photo taken for Pitch Book

Bruce previously set up and sold two IT companies in the web space. Together, he and Caroline successfully ran and exited from an online company that matched home owners with house sitters.

“We know what it takes to get a new company off the ground and then commercialize it,” Bruce remarks.

What exactly does WordFlow do?

WordFlow transforms documents and other critical business information originally formatted for the desktop, into a format suited for the web and mobile age.

For example, WordFlow can take chapters from a book in multiple Word or PDF formats and make them into webpages on a website.

Now anyone can publish to the web.

Where did the idea come from?

“The ‘Aha Moment’ was the realisation that most of the content in information websites was presented in desktop format because there were no automated tools to turn these documents into web pages,” Bruce explains

Diverse backgrounds flow together.

Prior to WordFlow, Caroline worked in management consulting, banking and the university sectors. This experience enabled her to understand the importance of information as a strategic asset to large organisations. Caroline saw that inherently within these organisations knowledge was trapped in pre-web formats and locked away in divisional silos.

With a background in building websites and intranets for large commercial and government customers over a 12-year period, Bruce learned the importance of the web in information dissemination.

Why the rebrand from Swipe to WordFlow?

“We rebranded, because there is a compelling need to show customers why they need to convert the data. Not to simply convert documents for those companies who had already decided,” Bruce explains.

Before, Swipe focused on the actual conversion process. Yet, there was more in store. WordFlow came about because they realized they were not showing people why converting data is so valuable in this digital, internet-based age.

What has been the highlight of this journey for you?

“Winning our first deals, when customers (I love that word) paid us for our services. The best investment in the World is revenue,” says Bruce.