Our programs

Mentoring and support

Surround yourself with the right connections and learn and receive expert advice from those who have been in your situation.


Benefit from a curated pool of subject matter experts who can assist you with a business problem or a blindspot you might need external coaching on.

Suppliers and experts

Access our network of high-value suppliers and networks to meet your specific business needs.

Capital and funding

Raise the capital required to grow your business and benefit from tailored capital & funding programs.

Investor program

Benefit from a bespoke Investor Program, which pairs startups seeking capital with a global network of potential investors. Based on the specific needs of both sides, we make introductions to improve the experience, and remove some of the obstacles commonly encountered.

Investor ready

Prepare to raise capital with the help of Investor Ready, designed for founders with little to no investment experience.

Customer and markets

Understand, attract and grow your customer base by calling on expertise to help you define clear value propositions, and communicate them effectively. Access a network of founders, established scaleups, and corporate partners, and prepare for the high demands of corporate and government customers.

Access resources and connections for trade, government, and customer opportunities, preparing your business to grow with confidence interstate and internationally.

PR and marketing support

Build business, exposure, and awareness through Stone & Chalk marketing channels. Work with our PR team and partners to tell your story with impact and reach.

Growth strategy sessions

Every 6 months we sit down for a confidential one-on-one with you to understand the areas where we can best help accelerate your growth.

People and culture

Find the right talent and confidently develop and retain the right team that fosters a healthy workplace and culture of success.

Entrepreneur visa scheme

We support the South Australian government in assessing visa applications for the Australian Federal Government's 188E provisional entrepreneur visa.

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