Open Orbit is here here to help our enterprise customers become nimble and easier to work with for their customers.

What inspired you to start Openorbit?

I’m an effectiveness and efficiency consultant myself, and in my time as an efficiency consultant I realised that the work we do ourselves is often not efficient. Our projects take too long, they cost too much, and they don’t have repeatable, reliable results. So all the things that we ask of our customer’s processes are not true of our own way of working. That’s what created the idea of OpenOrbit.

What does OpenOrbit Do?

At open orbit our mission is to help our enterprise customers become more nimble and easier to do business with for their customers. Over time I noticed there is a lot about business transformation that is overly complex and over engineered. There is a lot of scope for driving simplicity. Our algorithms are helping transformation practitioners not only run faster projects, but it is making the so called dark art of improvement accessible to the larger organisation.

What are some recent Developments?

Most recently something that we are really proud of and that stone and chalk was pivotal in making happen was a partnership with a corporate partner of Stone and Chalk, which is HSBC. We have helped them with driving transformation projects in half the time that it would have otherwise taken. And on the basis of that good use case now we are going global with HSBC, so we are very proud of that.

What do Customers like about OpenOrbit?

We had an A-ha! Moment in the life-cycle of the business itself, when for the first time we put the algorithm in the hands of prospective users and stood back and watched what they did with it. It was quite amazing, one of our early clients actually did alpha-beta testing on the algorithm and they came back and said “yep this works, it’s going to help me reduce the risk of wasting time on something unimportant, it’s going to help me reduce the risk of missing something that’s important”. So when the algorithm got the big tick, our whole business model got the big tick.