Meet Ben Pearson and Frank Fera as they talk about how Mainframe Cloud is making it easier for developers to code for the mainframe…

Left to Right:  Ben Pearson (CEO) and Frank Fera (CTO)

Q. Can you tell us about Mainframe Cloud?

Ben: Mainframe Cloud is an agile DevOps solution for the mainframe. We are effectively allowing the next generation of IT professionals to code for the mainframe in modern web languages.

Q. What does your business do?

Ben: The mainframe has been around for fifty-odd years and the technology hardware is some of the most sophisticated computing equipment in the world, no questions asked. However, the software has generally failed to keep pace. We’re really about bringing the digital transformation piece to the core.

Q. What is the advantage for customers?

Frank: We’re bringing windows to the mainframe and the mainframe is predominantly like an MS-DOS environment.

We’re making it easy for the Generation Y to get onto the mainframe.

Q. What motivated you to start your business?

Frank: I’ve been working on mainframes for a very very long time. Back in year 2000, I recall looking at a green screen and thinking ‘This is ridiculous. There is no reason why I should be looking at a green screen.’

The Mainframe Cloud Team

Q. What is your biggest success to date?

Ben: I think signing the ATO was a really pivotal milestone for us. It’s very very difficult for a startup to win a contract with the federal government from a standing start. We had to do a lot of work to show them the value of what we’re doing. Importantly, they had to buy in to our vision very early on in the piece, before we even had a final product.

Q. What’s coming up?

Ben: The next focus is really landing our next customers. We’re already in discussions with a number of perspective clients and that’s largely a result of forming a teaming agreement with Hewitt Packer Enterprises (HPE). HPE has seen the value in what we’re doing, and they see that some of that value could be potentially transferred to their customers.

Q. How did you start working together?

Ben: It was a chance meeting through a mutual friend. I was looking for an opportunity and Frank had a great idea and vision and, of course, an incredible amount of charisma. It was hard for me to say no, really, when he said ‘join us, let’s do this together.’

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