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Stone & Chalk and UpRising: Helping design students become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 10 JULY 2023 – Stone & Chalk and UpRising have announced a ground-breaking partnership today, reshaping the interface between Australia's education system and industry.

This forward-thinking alliance strives to bridge the gap between traditional educational frameworks and industry practice, by providing young innovative design students early insights and collaborative opportunities with industry professionals.

Stone & Chalk Group CEO, Michael Bromley, and Founder of Uprising, Richard Hainsworth, share a deep commitment to modernising Australia's educational approach to match the rapidly changing industry landscape.

"Our ever-evolving professional world requires us to reformulate our educational strategy," Bromley said. "Our partnership with UpRising signifies our unwavering dedication to develop an educational model that's innovative, relevant and future-ready.”

Hainsworth added, "With rapid technological advancement, it's paramount that we equip our next generation with skills that align with emerging industry demands. Uprising’s partnership with the Stone & Chalk Group is a significant stride in that direction."

The partnership commences with an event this month, inviting High School Certificate design students, teachers from across NSW and industry leaders to bridge the growing divide between education and emerging careers. Five HSC design projects, shortlisted by UpRising will be showcased to a panel of founders, mentors, and industry experts from Stone & Chalk, who will provide guidance and advice with three of these projects offered exclusive one on one mentoring opportunities by Stone & Chalk Scale-ups.

“This event will create a safe environment for students to gain insights into the startup scene, share their ideas for feedback, and ask questions,” Bromley said. “They will also have the opportunity to establish industry contacts, opening doors to potential career opportunities, whether on a volunteer or internship basis.”

Understanding the increasing value of industry-relevant skills, Stone & Chalk and UpRising are committed to growing the innovation ecosystem - one that equally values practical experience and systems thinking. Both organisations are committed to shaping a future where students aren't merely observers of industry dynamics, but are equipped to navigate and contribute meaningfully to them.

"This alliance is not just a partnership; it's a transformative shift towards a more experiential approach to learning,"Bromley said. "We envision a future where every student, teacher and industry leader understands and values the synergy between education and industry."

The collaboration offers benefits that resonate across all stakeholders. Students gain practical experience and industry exposure, educators discover innovative teaching avenues and industry ready resources, and industry leaders obtain early access to the upcoming talent pool.

Hainsworth elaborated, "By connecting with industry leaders, educators can bring fresh perspectives into the classroom, ensuring their teachings are not just future proof, but are at the cutting edge of change. At the same time, industry leaders can contribute to shaping education while gaining access to new, innovative minds."

Bromley and Hainsworth encourage all sectors to recognise the essential role they play in education, prompting them to take up the responsibility for shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

"We've taken our first step. Now, we invite everyone else to join us," Bromley said. "Together, we can construct an ecosystem that fosters innovation and position Australia to be at the forefront of the global digital economy. This is our shared vision, our shared responsibility. There has never been a more important time to make it our shared reality."


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