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Stone & Chalk Group builds solutions for tomorrow through increased Climate Tech commitment

SYDNEY, 21 April 2022 — Australia’s home for emerging tech, Stone & Chalk Group, has today announced its reinforced commitment to transforming Australia into a sustainable, tech-driven economy with positive impact, offering increased support to the nation’s climate tech startups and scaleups.

Stone & Chalk Group’s climate technology founders are working to leverage a variety of unique innovations that drive significant and sustained positive impact to combat climate change. From supporting the world’s largest enterprises’ efforts to power their operations with clean energy, to utilising AI models when calculating the risk of future natural catastrophes on cities, Stone & Chalk Group founders are pushing the boundaries of everyday practices in the quest for a more sustainable future.

“Climate change and the threat it poses to society and our very way of living, has landed right on our doorstep. You only need to look at the ongoing impacts of La Niña, with Australia’s east-coast bracing itself once again for the catastrophic effects of rapid flooding,” said Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group.

“Climate technology innovation and advancement are integral to reducing climate change and rising emissions. However, founders looking to create solutions for good require ongoing support to fulfill their ambitions. Stone & Chalk Group is committed to fostering local climate technology startups and scaleups pursuing purpose-driven growth for impact, not only locally but abroad.”

Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group

Released earlier this month, the United Nations’ IPCC report calls on global leaders and organisations to act now, halve greenhouse gas emissions this decade, and provide the planet with an opportunity to limit future heating to 1.5°C. Various climate technologies will play an integral role in preventing further temperature increases and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the race to prevent irreparable damage.

“Society needs a variety of tech solutions to mitigate the risks of climate change and bend the emissions curve down,” continued Michael Bromley, “And while investment from venture capital and private equity is pouring in, particularly for the mobility and transport industry as EV’s retain investor attention, there is an opportunity to equalise the distribution of funds and support to areas of climate tech with greater emissions reduction potential.”

Most recently, Stone & Chalk Group partnered with Trellis, the software company for sustainable growth, to forge the path to a more sustainable emerging technology sector. Pressure on Australia’s corporate sector has steadily risen over the last five years as carbon-neutral initiatives and broader ESG goals have evolved from recommendations, to expectations. Through data-driven insights, Trellis provides organisations with access to world-leading software solutions to ignite change and expedite the transition to fast, sustainable growth.

In contrast, Ping, a world-first acoustics data platform, has with the support of Stone & Chalk in Adelaide, launched its revolutionary Ice Detection System to help wind turbine operators conserve energy and save money. Established in 2019 with the purpose of supporting wind turbine farms by reducing global wastage from poor maintenance practices, Ping is actively working towards a future defined by clean energy.

By supporting a diverse array of founders and solutions, Stone & Chalk group aims to be the foremost incubator and accelerator of climate technology in Australia. Investing in companies that place the health of the planet at the core of every decision, from ideation through to the scaleup phase, will be a key pillar of the organisation’s strategy now and into the future.

Below is a list of Stone & Chalk Group’s founders working on climate technology:


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