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Stone & Chalk Group leads collaboration among Australian corporations and scaleups to drive innovation

Helping organisations to understand obstacles and opportunities to innovation is key to Australian corporations’ growth and progress

SYDNEY, Australia, 9 March 2023 – Australia’s home for emerging tech, Stone & Chalk Group, is leading corporations to progress into the future at the Corporate Innovation Summit at _SOUTHSTART // ODYSSEY 2023, by helping corporate leaders understand the importance of collaborating with emerging technology companies to drive innovation and turn tech disruption into an opportunity, whilst making them more sustainable.

Amid the economic volatility and ever-changing tech market landscape, it is imperative for corporations to drive innovation, keep up with disruption, and reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive and accelerate business growth. To stay ahead of the curve and harness tech disruption as a business opportunity rather than a threat, corporate leaders need to raise innovative activities in corporations by collaborating with startups and scaleups and realising the value of leveraging their know-how, brands and distribution.

Delving deeply into the opportunities that Australia’s corporate sector can seize, Stone and Chalk Group supports corporates to identify the challenges, understand the impact of technology, and find the right founder partners so they can harness tech disruption and set them up for long-term success. In order to progress into the future, it is imperative for the corporate sector to join hands with startups and scaleups and realise the value in these collaborations which have the opportunity to take their business to another level.

“We are excited to be leading the Corporate Innovation Summit at _SOUTHSTART and to be joined by corporate innovation leaders from all over the world. We are at a tipping point, with disruptive technologies and new business models emerging at an unprecedented pace,” said Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group, “Australia has an opportunity to be world-class innovators, we have the intellectual capital, resources and knowledge but we need to better connect them all as a single innovation ecosystem.”

Many companies talk about transformation, but not many are fully embracing it. A report from McKinsey that analysed the most recent annual reports of ASX 100 companies found that while about 80 percent of them mention transformation in their reports, in the past five years only about 50 percent have undertaken a major programme with transformative outcomes. Overall, just 25 percent executed multilevel transformations.

“In order to progress and stay ahead of the curve, Stone and Chalk seeks to help corporate leaders understand their obstacles and help them to identify solutions to help them drive greater innovation and grow their organisations”, continued Michael Bromley, “With more than 600 startup and scaleup residents, Stone & Chalk Group has deep knowledge and access to entrepreneurs who are building tech disruptions which can support corporates to drive greater innovation.”

The first ever Corporate Innovation Summit powered by Stone & Chalk Group and supported by 1835i, 11point2, and the Committee for Adelaide will look into the opportunities Australia’s corporate sector can seize to secure future growth through innovation. Limited to only 150 attendees, corporate leaders have been invited to participate in the discussion and identify challenges businesses must consider on a global scale to progress into the future, celebrate what is working well, and explore the world of corporate venture as a key method for effectively engaging with startups and scaleups.


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