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Aussie emerging tech company Arcanite boosts real estate market by $1B

SYDNEY, 28 June 2022 - Arcanite, an off-the-plan sales management software solution, is transforming the way off-the-plan developments are sold in Australia. With $1b worth of properties already sold on the platform, Arcanite assists property developers and real estate agents in simplifying the management of their sales channels and projects, rapidly growing their networks and selling more properties sooner.

Noting the current housing shortage and impending interest rate rises, new buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to enter the market and realise their dream of owning a home. With a mission to accelerate sales in the new development sector, Arcanite’s technology is designed to support property professionals in connecting with potential buyers while also streamlining the sales management process.

“It can be a challenge to succeed in running a project selling agency if you are using the same methodology as traditional real estate sales,” said William D. Lin, Arcanite Founder and CEO. “The right tools are needed to not only address the specific needs of project sales, but to cater towards the demand for accessibility, convenience, and fast-paced nature of the industry.

“Placing a strong emphasis on mobility and finance is where Arcanite found the sweet spot in terms of meeting the needs of agile property professionals and Aussie buyers looking to secure their dream home quicker.”

To support the developers’ vision and bring it to life, Arcanite developed DragonVR, allowing developers, house and land builders, and agents to showcase upcoming developments prior to construction. DragonVR both enhances the selling experience and boosts sales conversions by strengthening buyer confidence when purchasing off the plan.

Arcanite’s upcoming fintech product Equimate will accelerate property purchase opportunities by providing eligible first home buyers, who have little to no deposit, with the finance needed to purchase a home. This will give thousands of Australians the opportunity to realise their property dreams much sooner than anticipated.

“We recognised how difficult it is for so many Australians to enter the property market, from saving for a deposit to coming up with additional funds to cover bank fees, including Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI),” said Phil Foweraker, CEO of Equimate. “Equimate helps first home buyers into home ownership, and saves costs involved in LMI premiums from standard lending institutions.”

“We’re proud to be fostering an environment where such companies are offering technology that is transforming the property industry,” said Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group. “In fact, our Scaleup Hub in Sydney is using DragonVR to showcase our unique workspaces.

“This technology is helping break down barriers between potential tenants and real estate owners. Arcanite and the upcoming Equimate recognise the potential to shift Australia towards futureproofing the economy and diversifying entry conditions to reach a wider market.”

Arcanite is the ultimate sales management tool for project marketing professionals to streamline workflows and increase off-the-plan sales opportunities. To find out more about Arcanite and its affiliated products, visit

Arcanite was a finalist for the proptech awards in 2021 and 2022 and they are a finalist for the Urban developer awards announced in August 2022.


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