Leading independent business law firm, Hall & Wilcox, has entered into a corporate partnership with Asia’s leading independent fintech innovation hub, Stone & Chalk.

The partnership aligns with Hall & Wilcox’s Smarter Law strategy and the firm’s strong focus on financial services and insurance and its aim to be a firm of choice to the startup community.

Stone & Chalk is a not-for-profit organisation designed to be a truly independent supporter for fintech startups who are dedicated to rapidly scale and commercialise. After just twenty-four month of operations, Stone & Chalk now houses over 350 entrepreneurs working in over 110 startups that have already collectively raised over AU$211 million in funding, and creating over 500 jobs.

Other corporate partners of Stone & Chalk include NAB, ANZ, Optus, IAG, Suncorp and Westpac.

Sumith Perera, Hall & Wilcox COO, said there is a strong alignment between Stone & Chalk and Hall & Wilcox’s Smarter Law strategy.

“Stone & Chalk has really helped drive and become the centre of gravity for fintech in Australia. With its leading fintech startups, innovation marketplace and corporate innovation programs, Stone & Chalk is the ideal partner for Hall & Wilcox.”

Alex Scandurra, Chief Executive Officer of Stone & Chalk, said he welcomed Hall & Wilcox’s enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference. “We’re always looking to align with those who show genuine commitment to startups, and think Hall & Wilcox have the right approach and cultural fit to support the Stone & Chalk community.”

Hall & Wilcox will be part of Stone & Chalk’s Insurtech Program 2018, an acceleration program designed to encourage start-up developed technology for the insurance industry.

Hall & Wilcox has also committed to startups more broadly via its frank service offering, which supports entrepreneurs with frank advice, resources and connections. Mr Perera said frank takes startup legal service to a new level, via a dedicated team, flexible pricing and resourcing, a focus on partnerships, and the firm’s smarter law approach.

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