Attendees of FST’s The Future of Security 2017 conference were treated to the expertise of leaders in the digital identity management space, courtesy of London-born Stone & Chalk startup, Pirean.

Left: Guillaume Noe (GM, Pirean ANZ) and Phillimon Zongo (Senior Cyber Security consultant, AMP).

The startup is a leader in the cybersecurity space, ensuring that organisations can manage access to software, consumers can securely access products, and people can safely access the devices they use every day. They have had huge success in the U.K across a variety of sectors, from financial services through to food and beverage retailers.

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Pirean hosted the Consumer Identity Management ‘Think Tank’ at the FST Conference, taking place from 13:50–15:30. The session covered key challenges faced by security leaders within organisations and how security measures can be ‘humanised’ to deliver better outcomes for businesses and their customers.

Left to right: Pirean logo and available services

There are a few software security options in the market, but the authentication measures being developed today aren’t always cognisant of the fact that there’s a human at the other end, says the General Manager of Pirean ANZ, Guillaume Noe.

During the session, Noe emphasised that requiring customers to simply change their passwords every one to three months is not a solution. It can frustrate a customer’s satisfaction with a product and, as was the case with Noe, lead them to change to another provider.

Phillimon Zongo (centre) and Guillaume Noe (right)

Over the course of the session, in conversation with AMP’s Senior Cyber Security consultant, Phillimon Zongo, Noe urged businesses to think about how security measures can impact client retention. Think about how your customers feel when they log in to your software, platform or service.

If you want to know more about how Pirean could improve the user experience of your business or startup, check them out here.