Meet the Team: Dr Tim Mahlberg

What's your title?

Head of Entrepreneurship, South Australia.

In simple terms, what does your job entail?

Supporting end-to-end journey for startup founders, and helping to grow the innovation ecosystem in South Australia (and beyond!).

What are you looking to bring to Stone & Chalk? What does success in your role look like?

I’m driven by community and impact, so for me success in my role is in bringing passionate people together to drive innovation and tangible actions and progress in areas that really matter for our society. I want to help further solidify Stone & Chalk as Australia’s premier and most trusted innovation partner for startups, scaleups, government, corporate, and a champion for fostering entrepreneurial spirit through our communities.

What excites you about the next year at Stone & Chalk?

Learning about all the community magic that exists across the our S&C Group, and getting to know everyone and your passion for our work together.

What sort of questions should people come to you about?

I love connecting with people on a real human level and have a penchant for philosophical discussions, so deep questions about life, meaning, purpose, work, identity.. bring them to me please! I often find that these conversations not only build rapport, but help unlock impactful ways forward for others too.

What's your greatest career achievement?

I think it is still to come! But a very proud career moment for me was in founding Australia’s first corporate coworking community, The Village, which was a dynamic & innovative space for National Australia Bank’s small business customers and community partners that grew to over 4500 members. It is no longer around, but the legacy continues and I still love seeing our members (The Village People of course) popping up everywhere. Community is the best!

How would you best describe yourself in a lift?

Curious, creative, passionate, driven by community and impact.

Tell us something about yourself outside of work.

I hiked the Camino de Santiago (~1000kms) a while ago and now love walking travel trips. I’m heading to Italy in September to walk 400kms of the Via Francigena (ancient Road to Rome) with my partner. Wish me (and my feet) good luck, and tell you all about it on my return!