Humanico: Unleashing human potential

Picture a world where human potential and technology converge to create something extraordinary. This is the world of Humanico, a trailblazing tech enterprise with a big mission. 

Introducing Humanico

Founded by Fiona Vale and Paul Rush, they set out to tackle a pressing issue faced by organisations and leaders worldwide—a lack of comprehensive tools to understand and optimise their human assets in today's digital age. 

Bridging the divide

An astonishing 85% of individuals worldwide remain unassessed and misunderstood within their professional spheres. 

This stark reality serves as the driving force behind Humanico's relentless pursuit of innovation, and the creation of their groundbreaking workforce intelligence software - a simple, digital, cloud based solution that ingests key people data to combine capability and engagement in one simple and elegant digital platform. 

Their visualisation tool and the corresponding data insights enable you to understand who you have in your own backyard and how to optimise your greatest asset – your people.

Championing innovation

Both founders are fervent advocates for innovation as the driving force behind human progress. 

“In the past, there’s been the challenge of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ ingrained in Australian culture—a phenomenon where success sometimes invites scepticism or envy,” said Paul. “We need to transcend this mindset, enabling innovation and unimpeded growth. It would be wonderful if our nation was a crucible for transformative ideas, fueled by its unique global position and the urgency posed by global challenges, including the pandemic.”

Navigating the Australian landscape with the help of Stone & Chalk 

“Stone & Chalk’s dynamic ecosystem has played a pivotal role in Humanico's growth trajectory,” said Paul. “It has fostered critical connections, nurtured mentorship opportunities, and provided access to influential decision-makers, especially within the corridors of government.”

“The agility and the flexibility that Stone and Chalk offers us also works really well for our co-founding relationship.”

Stone & Chalk isn’t for the narrow-minded,  but it is for Humanico

Paul's vision for a more innovative Australia, coupled with his steadfast dedication to unlocking human potential through his innovative platform, positions Humanico as trailblazers in the tech landscape. 

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