Meet Our Founders: Jon Soong of Makers Empire

Meet Jon Soong, co-founder and CEO of Makers Empire.

Globally there's a major shortage of STEM workers, with a sizeable gender gap contributing to the issue. Makers Empire seeks to help solve these two problems.

Since being founded in 2013, Makers Empire has helped over three million students across 50 countries become creators, problem solvers, and innovators using their innovative 3D design learning program. Their system helps children from primary to high school improve their spatial reasoning skills and creative confidence, all while reducing STEM anxiety and encouraging a greater interest in the field.

At Stone & Chalk, we're not for everyone. We're not for the narrow-minded. The small thinkers. The usual. But we are for innovative companies like Makers Empire, who are changing the world with their big idea. And we might be for you.

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