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How Threat Intelligence is delivering the next era of Cybersecurity

Ty Miller, MD of Threat Intelligence, leading a team of highly experienced security specialists

After a 15 year career in cybersecurity, Ty Miller has become a leading expert in security automation. Founding cybersecurity firm Threat Intelligence in 2014, with its headquarters at innovation hub Stone & Chalk, Ty and his team are delivering solutions for the next era of security – automation.

“In 2017, the United Nations predicted cybercrime would reach 2 trillion-dollars in revenue. When you put that into perspective, you understand cybercriminals are motivated to share in that huge revenue stream by hacking into organisations,” says Ty.

“And defending themselves against these highly organised outfits, you’ve got these individual security teams who have minuscule budgets to defend their organisation. It’s already a losing battle.”

“The only way to move forward is to automate your security as much as possible so that the budgets, skill sets, and internal capabilities are optimised.”

Ty’s decade-long involvement with Black Hat USA, the most internationally renowned annual professional hacking conference, has seen Threat Intelligence become the only Australian company invited to be part of the official training program since 2008.

Locally, Ty is on the Board of Directors for Crest ANZ, a not-for-profit security standards organisation born out of the UK. Responsible for the Technical Establishment Team, Ty is in regular contact with security managers throughout Australia, keeping him in the loop across significant challenges.

The security landscape in 2019, according to the cyber expert, is like a game of cat and mouse. Hackers always seem to be one step ahead. When security vendors implement updates, attackers inevitably change the way they do things in order to bypass new safeguards.

Threat Intelligence has launched a uniquely automated security platform, ‘Evolve’. It is built on three pillars to offer a proactive approach to security, including penetration testing, incident response and security automation services.

When all three pillars work together, Evolve is able to scale up and work swiftly to respond to an organisation's needs; delivering cost-effective security capability enhancements and streamlined security operations. This works in turn to increase productivity and modernise internal security services and continually reduce risk exposure.

A screenshot of 'Evolve' in action

“We’ve even built a marketplace within Evolve that allows anyone in the security industry to sell their threat intelligence data,” explains Ty.

“Since our platform can automatically integrate data into the security of our clients, this can even see any security vendor benefiting from Evolve and its ‘click to run’ solution.”

Ty’s expertise is in demand at Stone & Chalk, where he collaborates with start-ups at the innovation hub on a regular basis.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new customers and see them flourish. Some of our startup clients have also formed an important part of our networking, connecting us to wider resources and partnerships.”

“One of the most exciting opportunities from the hub was being involved with the Inaugural Optus Innovation Challenge in 2018. It actually went on our radar after speaking to a fellow resident who said the guys from Optus couldn’t stop talking about security.”

After its participation in the Innovation Challenge, Threat Intelligence was shortlisted as one of the successful finalists from 85 applicants. As a result of the S&C facilitated program, Threat Intelligence is now delivering commercial security solutions for the Optus Small Business and Optus Consumer teams.

Ty continues, “This alliance with Optus focuses on another major problem: the role of technology in our business and everyday lives.”

“If you think about the amount of software out there and the amount of people building new technology to help us do our jobs better and to benefit our lives, you become aware of how important technology is to everyone. These new pieces of software need to manage the challenge of developing code that can protect users and businesses from being exploited.”

Speaking about the benefits of being in the hub, “In the early days, Stone & Chalk wanted to provide a means of discussing security within the hub, so they brought us in after we connected with a client who was also a resident. We came in and sat in the middle of everyone, which meant we were basically sitting in the middle of a potential network of clients. We had already conquered the startup route which meant we understood the business demands behind their questions to help them on their journey.”

“We love being part of this great community!” he exclaims with a grin.

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28 May 2019

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