Meet Our Founders: Edward Robinson of Robinson Aerospace Systems

Meet Edward Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Robinson Aerospace Systems.

Edward is on a mission to fuel the future of space technology through youth education, ensuring a limitless tomorrow.

For many students, a job in the space industry isn't one they have considered, largely due to a lack of understanding about what they can do within the industry, and how to get there. With the Australian Space Agency estimating that there will be over 20,000 more jobs in the sector by 2030, there's a dire need for a consistent pipeline into the industry to fill these jobs.

Robinson Aerospace Systems is helping to build that pipeline. Their innovative, interactive technology educates secondary students on space technology and career opportunities, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to the next generation.

At Stone & Chalk, we're not for everyone. We're not for the narrow-minded. The small thinkers. The usual. But we are for innovative companies like Robinson Aerospace Systems, who are changing the world with their big idea. And we might be for you.

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