Building a Sustainable Tech-Driven Economy: Insights from Stone & Chalk's AI Roundtable with Her Excellency

As Australia’s largest innovation community, Stone & Chalk remains unwavering in our commitment to transforming Australia into a sustainable, tech-driven economy by fostering environments that champion collaboration and growth. Recently, we had the privilege of holding a focused industry roundtable on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at our Adelaide hub for Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia, accompanied by her husband, Mr Rod Bunten.

The aim of the roundtable was to showcase examples of the work being done by our innovation ecosystem with AI, from education, research and development, and commercialisation, to application and impact. As a leading advocate for innovation in Australia, Stone & Chalk is committed to nurturing innovation communities that demonstrate how emerging technologies, such as AI, can help transform many important industries both domestically and internationally.

This event brought together representatives from the ecosystem, including the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), the National AI Centre (CSIRO),  MaxMine, and Presagen, as well as members of our own community Cropify, Optomni, Hubble, Outhire, Trellis, Optible AI, and Clevertar

“The roundtable with her Excellency was a rare and wonderful opportunity to convey to important figures of South Australia the state of AI, surrounded by talented company leaders creating change in their communities” - (Lana Tikhomirov, PhD Candidate in AI Safety, Human Factors and Cognition, AIML) 

The discussions revolved around the potential of AI to revolutionise healthcare, agriculture, education, housing, and decision-making. It emphasised the importance of cross-sector collaboration to harness the full potential of AI to tackle societal challenges more effectively.

The event was the second instance of Her Excellency engaging with Stone & Chalk, having previously facilitated a roundtable for the growing space industry in South Australia earlier this year. 

Dr Tim Mahlberg Sie, Stone & Chalk’s Director of Ecosystems for South Australia, said “It is such an honour to host remarkable leaders like Her Excellency and Mr Bunten, and we appreciate their curiosity, passion, and deep interest to understand the personal journeys of our founders and AI ecosystem leaders, reinforcing why our mission at Stone & Chalk is so important. And how special it is to gather such passionate people together who solve our world’s most important challenges.”

We are thrilled with Her Excellency’s continued interest in and advocacy for South Australia’s growing emerging tech industries, and her support for the work being done by members of the Stone & Chalk community. By bringing together diverse viewpoints and insights, our aim is to continue to foster an environment for collaboration and advancement. Our aim is to continue to develop a space for the emerging tech ecosystem to network, and to profile good people doing great things with smart tech.

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