2022 IWD Scholarship Winner Sana Tayyab

Stone & Chalk is committed to continued, tangible support for the journey of founders who identify as women in the emerging tech industry. In the second year of our International Women’s Day Scholarship, we look back at two previous scholarship winners and their experiences with Stone & Chalk. We kick start this throwback by hearing from Sana Tayyab and her journey.

Can you tell us a bit about Flamingo and its purpose?

A personalised financial platform that helps users manage their finances & set savings goals based on their desired lifestyle. We are bridging the gap between expense tracking and wealth growth. Flamingo’s Smart Analyst helps you forecast by tracking your income and expense behaviours whilst building your financial profile. By providing an overview of a user’s finances, we enable the user to be prudent and anticipate unforeseen circumstances.

What was your experience of residency within Stone & Chalk and how has it impacted your founder journey?

My experience was and still is very positive. The way Stone & Chalk promotes its residents is second to none. Flamingo is at the stage where we need contacts, and investors, and Stone & Chalk has been pivotal in being that gateway. The Stone & Chalk brand is right up there in the eyes of the elite, so we do not get second questioned because of that validity.

What has changed for you and Flamingo since joining Stone & Chalk?

Our outreach in the business/investor community has grown. Stone & Chalk is a household name in the startup Arena in Australia, so we are leveraging that position

What advice would you give to other women in emerging tech?

To other women I would say, build a network, and get to know how other founders are establishing themselves. Once you build a network and know the natural vibe in the market, access where you are at that time and where you want to be. It's important for women to understand it's not necessary to have big dreams and ideas but rather solve a problem and execute that up to a certain level. Partnerships are key and critical in any business, so seek advice, build relations

How do you think the emerging tech industry can better support women and encourage them to consider building a career in the field?

I think it's important to create awareness about technology at an early age. Technology advancements are based on dreams and ambitions and usually, the college/uni years are the time to create that interest. just as there are graduate programs for various companies, I think some sort of programs can be introduced in conjunction with various uni etc to encourage women to get a taste of the startup vibe.