About Us

About the Stone & Chalk Group

Stone & Chalk, the largest innovation community in Australia.

Stone & Chalk Group is the largest innovation community in Australia. 

Our mission is to transform Australia into a sustainable, technology-driven economy by supporting startups, scaleups, corporates and government at every stage of their innovation journey.

We are not-for-profit, purpose-driven and sustainable, and are committed to diversity and inclusivity across our community. 

Who we help

Emerging tech startups and scaleups

We help emerging tech startups and scaleups through our residency program

We help founders scale confidently by providing access to:

  • state-of-the-art facilities and workspaces in our hubs located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide;
  • a network of investors, mentors and customers;
  • a community of like minded founders;
  • growth programs tailored to your journey;
  • commercial opportunities with our corporate partners; and
  • expert advice and guidance

We connect startups and scaleups with corporate partners through Venture Connect - our newly launched corporate introduction service where we take the hard work out of partnerships by finding the best strategic matches to help both sides succeed.


We support the innovation goals of corporates with our Advisory Services. Our team helps organisations bring intrapreneurialism to life, providing them with the tools and tricks used by startups to help build and commericalise ideas so they can have a competitive advantage in the market.


We work with local, state and federal government partners to develop their innovation maturity and achieve meaningful innovation outcomes. This includes policy advocacy and innovation program development.

Australian cyber security sector

We support the development of a vibrant and globally competitive Australian cyber security sector through AustCyber. With initiatives like the Australian Cyber Security Professionalisation program, AustCyber’s Innovation Network, and the Sector Competitiveness Plan, we’re working to bring the cyber security community together for a brighter future for all Australians.

Emerging tech ecosystem

We bring the emerging tech ecosystem together with our calendar of events. From networking events to informative panel discussions, we’re here to provide access to knowledge and insights that will benefit the entire ecosystem. 

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